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Jason Clemens

UX Architect, UI Designer, User Advocate

I'm here to make your users happy.
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About Me

Creative passion, client empathy and the ability to advocate from the user’s point of view: these are my strong traits.

I am an award-winning UI/UX Design professional with 20 years of interactive design direction experience. I have a strong background in engaging interfaces through the connecting, communicating, perfecting and proving design, including usability testing and competitive analysis. My foundation is interactive design and brand identity development.

Skills & Abilities

UX Architect
UI Design
jQuery / Knockout
Advocate for the user

My Specialities

User Experience Solutions

Zeal for solving complex problems

Interactive Design

Fiery passion for good design

Managing a Creative Team

Leading in deadline driven environments

Technical Skills

July 2018 to Present Director of UX B2DataStream (Plano, TX)
Dec 2015 to July 2018 Senior Manager, UXD WatchGuard (Allen, TX)
May 2015 to Dec 2015 Senior Manager, Software Design / UX Paycor (Cincinnati, OH)
Dec 2014 - May 2015 Senior UX Architect SCIenergy (Dallas, TX)
Apr 2013 - Dec 2014 Director, UI/UX Design Honeywell/BendixKing (Albuquerque, NM)
Nov 2011 - Apr 2013 Senior Application Designer TradeStation (Richardson, TX)
Apr 2010 - Oct 2011 Director, Interactive Development LTV Creative (Plano, TX)
Nov 1992 to Present Freelance UX Designer

Awards and Honors

2012 Idei Award (Japan) for Innovation Challenge Presented by Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei TradeStation Webtrading App
2012 SSBits Hall of Fame Award for Best Website giantsof.com
2011 TABPI "Tabbie" Award for Best Website Housingwire.com
1993 Graphic Designer of the Year United Advertising
High Honors Graduate 1991

Hobbies & Interests

FAA Licensed Private and UAS Pilot
Aerial (Drone) Videography
Camping, Boy Scout Leadership
UX Development Process

Discovery and Strategy

Define the goals of the project up front.

With stakeholders, marketing/VoC reps, vision holders:

  • Listen — Discuss current situation pain points and successes. Gather design/voice of customer goals, desired UI pattern guidelines.
  • Requirements — Gather relevant marketing, systems engineering and production requirements
  • Personas — Identify user groups, create personas and use scenarios to vet design against
  • Considerations: Legacy products, competitive analysis (Therbligs), information delivery solution

Information Architecture Design

The goal is to set up a framework that achieves goals specified above. Use appropriate tools to capture and communicate interface layout, interactions and behaviors without an emphasis on look and feel.

  • Sketches, Wireframes — how is information displayed? Goal: intuitive, efficient access to prioritized actions
  • Workflow diagrams — optimized to support desired workflow and cross-references
  • Low-fi clickable prototypes — browser, mobile, Powerpoint-based simple prototypes (communication tool to convey ideas in real-time)
  • Simple spatial design mockups where appropriate

Visual Design

Develop and apply visual styling to wireframes.

  • Style Guide development — design specifications. Adapt from existing or start new. Living document.
  • Element design — typography, color selection, animation styles, navigation and labels, breadcrumbs, buttonology
  • Mockups — pixel perfect, flush out all scenarios/edge cases
  • High-fi clickable prototypes — Use production display with physical overlays when possible

Usability Testing

How does the design measure up against the expectations of the users? Make the environment appropriate to the last being tested.

  • Scenario/script writing — Is this a whole-product test or a specific procedure study? What A/B testing can be built into test?
  • Testing protocol and environment selection — think aloud, A/B, co-discovery, question-asking, remote testing
  • Post analysis — circle back to above steps and suggest/implement changes
  • Rinse and repeat — as needed; each iteration includes refinements and as real-world as possible

Coding and Developer Handoff

Deliver documentation, graphic assets, hands-on guidance

  • CSS Library — developing style library from Style Guide and designed Elements
  • HTML — developer-ready static code, ready for wiring up
  • Technology Integration — coding to specific dev shop's tech stack
  • Support — Deliver documentation, graphic assets, hands-on guidance

20+ years of interactive experience.

A few kind words...
Jason directed the design efforts of the multiple teams we worked on together in an extremely effective and detail-oriented manner. He was great at bringing together the many pieces of information and objectives that go into making large-scale interactive applications and could weave that into a beautiful user friendly experience. His ideas were thoughtful, innovative, and his sense of enthusiasm was contagious.
Sam de la Garza Sr. Software Engineer, Tradestation
Sr. Software Architect, Paycor
Jason is a true professional who takes his work seriously and he likes to come up with innovative ideas to take the company's interactive area to the next level.
Jorge Rivas Senior Events Director, Housingwire
He knows his stuff and is a constant student of the game. He was always up to date on all the latest versions and applications and was just as adept at talking the talk with the shrewdest of tech savvy clients as he was at empowering clients who didn't know the first thing about interactive.
Cory Davies Sales Director, Housingwire
There are few people who truly see and understand both the creative and technical aspects of a project the way Jason does. This combination allows him to see the big picture and make him incredibly adept at anticipating project and team needs early on. His attention to detail and efficient planning make even overwhelming projects run smoothly.

But possibly the most valuable of Jason's skills is his kind and motivating leadership style. He leads by example through his dedicated work ethic. He encourages innovation, exploration and empowers team members to deepen and broaden their skills and talents.
Polly D'Avignon Senior Designer, The LTV Group
Jason has a great eye for detail and is a skilled marketer. I enjoyed working with Jason and our interests were well served by our relationship.
Jay Humbard CEO, Control Vision

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